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I loved how the light came through these pine trees and wondered how I could present this shot of a sand trap and trees more uniquely.  But of course….Topaz Impression!  You can take an average shot and make something very cool out of it.  I really should get a sponsorship from Topaz as much as I toot their horn lol.





Under an Oak

Happy first day of Summer to everyone!

Here’s another one taken with and edited on my iPhone.  Phones work out well in a pinch because of their wide angle lenses!  I never leave home without it.  🙂

Under an Oak - Sunol Regional Wilderness

Under an Oak – Sunol Regional Wilderness


Autumn Memory

Here in California we are in a period called El Nino where we are getting lots and lots of rain and receiving much-needed relief from the dry and brittle summer.  Yesterday morning I looked out our front door and noticed a pretty, gentle light hitting the big magnolia tree with fog beyond and I couldn’t help but try to capture the feeling I had standing there snapping away.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Autumn Memory

Autumn Memory

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