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Dizzy Not Ditzy

This will be as close to politics as I get on my blog……..”what is she talking about?” you ask?  Read on…

First the politically-related info…the place I took this from was the Trump Tower garden.  I wasn’t going to mention the location because I didn’t want anyone to think I liked Trump lol.  So let me get this over with and say I cannot stand him!  THERE, I’ve said it.   Done, kaput, fini!

As for the inside of his building, which I didn’t bother posting, it was incredibly tacky.  Honestly I guess I expected something nicer but it’s so dated and cheap looking.  A New Yorker I met said, “Duh…he’s a New Yorker!”  Not sure I completely understood that comment but I think I kinda did.

Now onto the photographs….I was very dizzy looking up at these buildings!  Seriously…I was teetering as I took these.  Maybe it was the humidity lol.   I’m including both the black and white and the color because I can hardly ever convince myself to stay with black and white.  You know me and my color….I just can’t help but love it.  I cropped for the black and white because I thought it was less distracting without that portion at the top which shows in the color image.  I think either works though.

Which one makes you feel more dizzy????  Note I said DIZZY not DITZY…I’ve already got that market cornered!  😉

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Dizzy Not Ditzy - New York Architecture - BLACK & WHITE

Dizzy Not Ditzy – New York Architecture – BLACK & WHITE


Dizzy Not Ditzy - New York Architecture - COLOR

Dizzy Not Ditzy – New York Architecture – COLOR