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Expanding Horizons – Size Contrast

One of the types of contrasts I’ve been focusing on lately is contrast in size of elements within the frame.  Notice how huge the cloud is and notice the inclusion of smaller elements like trees and ponds in the frame.  This contrast in size provides interest to the eye and conveys “majesty” or “awe” in an image.  (Or at least attempts to lol.)

If I were to photograph the large cloud only, against a hill with no trees for example, it most likely wouldn’t be as interesting as showing it with smaller elements because you wouldn’t fully appreciate the cloud’s magnitude.  You might’ve noticed size contrast in my last post of Drakes Beach in which the tiny people were shown against the huge sheared cliff shoreline.

I hope you enjoy the image and found the post helpful!  Have a wonderful Thursday!

Expanding Horizons - Size Contrast

Expanding Horizons – Size Contrast



To Flatten or Not to Flatten (2 images)

One of the things I’m a proponent of is not to flatten my photoshop files.  Those of you who watched my latest video might remember me talking about that.  I literally cringe when I watch youtube tutorials and they say “ok, now flatten the image”.  That’s like saying…okay, I’m going to throw all that work away now and never go back.

I might be working on an image and then stop for whatever reason…maybe a phone call comes or I go out to dinner and then I come back to it and say “what was I thinking?” and need to revise it.  If the changes I want to make go back farther than my history panel allows, then I won’t be able to make the changes unless my file is created with layers.  Also, if I’ve saved the file and come back, there won’t be any history. Photoshop only remembers history for a file that is opened.

Here’s a redo of a hummingbird photo I took last year.  I made a painterly version out of it and it was so easy because my original hummingbird photo (shown at the end) was saved with all its layers in tact.

Rufous Painting

Rufous Painting

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Rufous Hummingbird



Expanding Horizons – Layer Styles VIDEO

Have you used Layer Styles?  I love them!  I use them quite frequently and they’re a fun way to easily enhance your images and text.  Check it out!

Just click on this link to watch:  Layer Styles

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 6.51.12 PM