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I’ve always appreciated the opportunity to get to know other Word Pressers by being invited to be included in their blogs.  Today I’d like to pay it forward.  😀  Let me introduce….drumroll please…Dan Shehan.  Ta da!   I asked him to write a little something about himself and to include a few photos to give you a sampling of his work.   I hope you enjoy his work as much as I do!  Here he is in his own words, and you can see more of his work here:

“Hi…I’m Dan Shehan, and I am the owner (/floor sweeper/trash taker outer/button pusher) of  Dan Shehan Photography and D3CityPics which is based in the San Francisco Bay Area.  My interest in photography dates back to when my father gave me his Argus C3 to use on a family road trip from Riverside, CA to Washington DC way back in 1968 and I’ve been hooked ever since. 

Until my retirement not too long ago, photography was an enjoyable hobby…shooting backpacking trips, vacations, family events, landscapes, and a multitude of other subjects. I even shot a couple of weddings. 

I converted to digital SLRs in February of 2013 and now photography has become an obsession.  I read, I study, I observe, I photograph.  Living in San Francisco affords me many photo opportunities as I walk the many streets, hills, coastlines, and waterfronts of this incredible city.  My motto (or tagline) is simply “If I like what I see…I push the button”.  I try not to get pigeon-holed into one niche.  I believe that it inhibits growth as an artist. 

I also believe that a photographer’s goal is to invoke emotion in the viewer.  Most viewers don’t give an image the time to form an emotion, but once in a while, something happens inside a viewer’s gut… something catches their eye…something.  What is it?  Everyone will have their own opinion of what they see.  Lots of questions, but isn’t that the point?  So I “push the button” hoping to evoke an emotion of some kind in my viewer’s gut.”