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Brick at Mare Island

I’m so excited for my upcoming camera club event at Mare Island Naval Shipyard on Saturday!  This image was a quick one I took when I was down there scoping the area for the upcoming event.  I sort of had to make something out of nothing as the original of this picture was quite nondescript and not my best to say the least.  But before tossing, I thought I’d doodle and came up with this.  Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday!!

Mare Island Brick - Mare Island Naval Shipyard

Mare Island Brick – Mare Island Naval Shipyard


Mare Island Shipyard – St. Peter’s Chapel

Near the Mare Island Naval Shipyard is St. Peter’s Chapel.   It was built in 1901 under the guidance of Chaplain McAlister, and it’s the oldest naval chapel in the United States.  A classic example of Victorian Gothic architecture with its tidy brown shingle, cream-colored trim, steep pitched roof and a soaring octagonal spire, it has charm and history inside and out.

There was a wedding going on so I couldn’t go inside but hopefully next time I’ll get a peek.  In the meantime, here’s a link in case you’d like to see the inside and learn more about the history.

St. Peter's Chapel - Mare Island

St. Peter’s Chapel – Mare Island



Mare Island Shipyard – Heavy Lifter

Another image from Mare Island Naval Shipyard.  I’ve never been this close to a shipyard crane before.  As you can see it’s humongous.  There weren’t any people down there so I couldn’t show the scale with a person but hopefully you get the idea with the buildings next to it.

If you wish to read more about Mare Island Naval Shipyard, you can read about it on the wiki here.  If you’re in the Bay Area and wish to join us for a photography outing, please click here.

Mare Island Shipyard - Heavy Lifter

Mare Island Shipyard – Heavy Lifter