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Journey of a body on this earth


Rising Gold

Last night was the Waxing Gibbous moon which is my favorite day to take full moon shots.  At the last minute, I went outside just beyond our back deck on the golf course, set up my tripod and took some shots of the beautiful golden moon as it rose behind the trees.  What a site!

I knew exactly where it would rise due to my handy dandy Photographer’s Ephermis.  That’s fancy talk for a free desktop application that can pinpoint the exact  location of a rising moon, rising/setting sun, etc.  I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s such a wonderful tool, I wanted to paste the link here again in case you’re interested.  The Photographer’s Ephermis.

There’s nothing like standing outside waiting for that moon to rise.  It’s so exciting to me!




Waxing Gibbous

Last night was so beautiful!  I went out in search of the perfect location for the moon rising.  The first place I went to had been blocked off, so I went to Plan B.  These moon images were taken from my neighborhood a few blocks away overlooking Mt. Diablo to the east.  The sunset image was taken directly west from the same location.  I couldn’t believe I was the only one there!