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I See the Light!

It was so peaceful in the forest.  No sounds were to be heard here except for the rustling of trees, an occasional person’s footsteps, and an occasional movement of ferns on the forest floor due to lizards or some other unknown small creature.  We never saw or heard any birds in the forest either.   How many of us can experience such silence?  I love nature!



Learning (The Daily Post)

This is part of The Daily Post Word Press Challenge

Learning never stops for me.  Even though I seem to do the same thing every day physically, my mind is always running a mile a minute looking how to improve myself both mentally and spiritually.

In the last ten years I’ve learned so much about myself and am becoming more confident to express the real me.  Most of my life has been spent trying to please someone else so this transition sometimes is not an easy one.  I used to think it wasn’t worth it to learn more about myself or make changes in my life because I knew that there would be people affected around me by this change and I was afraid to deal with it.  But at some point it became a matter of survival, so onward I went in seeking my truth.

During this whole process I developed my hobby which is photography.  I started off not knowing a thing about it and have grown a lot especially in the last few years.  Learning was a challenge at times and still is….but I adore it!  What I love about it most is the opportunity to see beautiful places, away from big cities and the noise.  I especially love nature photography the most which is a surprise to me because I didn’t grow up in a family that enjoyed the outdoors but now I do!

The best part of learning is when you can pay it forward because after you learn you become more confident and excited, and that’s when you want to share it with someone else!   Who knows, maybe I will some day inspire someone to be a great artist!  Or maybe someone who is afraid to be themselves!  That’s what I’ve learned.


When solving problems, dig at the roots instead of just hacking at the leaves. Anthony J. D’Angelo


It’s My Five-Year Word Press Anniversary!

Today is my five-year anniversary with Word Press!   Happy Anniversary to me!  :-)

I created my account in 2011 but never posted anything until November 2012 right before my first knee replacement.  The blog was created for the sole purpose to update friends and family on the progress of my surgery, but in early 2013 it morphed into a photography blog in the early days of my photography hobby with my first DSLR.

THANK YOU EVERYONE for taking the time to read my blog and make comments, and for being here to share yours as well!   Our community is very special to me and while I go through spurts when I’m here more times than others, this is still my most favorite social media outlet of them all because it’s all of you who make it special.  A truly one-of-a-kind community!

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!

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