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Hayward Japanese Tea Garden – Showoff

This is the last in the series from the Hayward Japanese Tea Garden.  I really milked this outing for all it’s worth lol.

This image I created to be a more graphical representation of a tree in the garden.  Originally the thought was to make it more like Japanese brush strokes but I’m not well enough to focus on doing anything too new, so I went with what I know already.   Looking forward to getting out soon!









One Year Anniversary! – Monochrome Madness 52

A year ago, Leanne and I were chatting and she mentioned it would be fun to start a weekly monochrome challenge.  We brainstormed for a title of it and came up with MMC.  I do love the “madness” of it all….more like organized chaos lol.   But on a serious note, I can’t believe it’s been one year since this fun challenge started.  Truly incredible!   And of course Monochrome Madness would never happen without all the hard work Leanne puts in on this challenge every week, so a huge “THANK YOU” to Leanne!  We really appreciate it!  :-)

The challenge asked that we share our favorite image from last year plus (if we wanted) a gallery of some of the year’s past images.  The image I chose to share is of the Palace of Fine Arts in SF.  I chose it because of the perspective and light, plus I kind of like how I processed it.   It was the first time I used my 14-24mm lens, and I was amazed what I could see with it.

A gallery of some of my previous MMC images is included below.   Enjoy and thank you for participating!

Before Me

Before Me

For the entire gallery, please check Leanne Cole’s blog.



Hayward Japanese Tea Garden – Nestled In

I’ve been a bit under the weather for the past week and hopefully will get out this coming week to take pictures.  Fortunately I have a few more from the Japanese Tea Garden plus Monochrome Madness on Tuesday!

Hayward Japanese Tea Garden

Hayward Japanese Tea Garden







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