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Hanging on Red

As a continuation of my one expedition out to our local nursery….I’m continually amazed at the quality of the images I’m getting from my macro lens.  I’m starting to notice little things like my focus on the exact point I want to focus on is not as easy as it seems especially hand-held.  Unfortunately I’m not to the point where I can carry a tripod…I’m still struggling carrying the camera as my knee is still quite swollen, but eventually I’ll get there!

Hanging on Red

Hanging on Red


San Francisco Giants DYNASTY!


I just can’t help but reblog this!!!

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Greatest Game 7 of the World Series I have ever seen! Winning the one-game Wild Card playoff game at Pittsburgh. Defeating the Washington Nationals in four games, considered by many the best team in the National League if not all of baseball. Taking out the St. Louis Cardinals (the defending National League Champions) in 5 tight games on a walk-off home run by Travis Ishikawa in Game 5 to win the pennant . Beating the Kansas City Royals who were unbeaten in October entering the World Series and the heavy favorites in seven games after trailing 2-1 and losing a 10-0 shellacking in Game 6, becoming the first team to win a World Series Game 7 on the road since Chuck Tanner’s 1979 “We Are Family” Pittsburgh Pirates! They are the first road team to win a Game 7 of the World Series after losing Game 6 since the 1975 Cincinnati…

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Please Vote! One Week and Counting…


Did you know I have another blog? I don’t post often, but….

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Election Day is coming up next Tuesday in the United States.   Everywhere around the world where voting is your privilege and your right, please vote!  People who sit back in their chairs and think that voting doesn’t do anything or that nothing ever changes do not appreciate the right and privilege that they are given.

I’ve never understood the mentality of one who does not take an interest in the most basic of our rights in this country and what can change the landscape of politics.  When I hear people say they aren’t going to vote, I cringe.  Those are the people who rarely know what’s going on in the world because they have the “nothing I do matters” attitude.  To me, that’s scary.  It’s indicative of the apathy people feel but we should never, ever give up.   We learn from history and to not make the same…

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