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It’s for the Birds

The little lake off our back deck attracts an amazing array of birds!  From our back deck, it’s not possible to zoom in on these beautiful birds with my 300mm because it just isn’t long enough.  Even on my DX.  So the day I had my momentous walk around the lake, I had my 300mm in tow and tried to get a bit closer.  Bird photography is quite different from the landscapes and macros I’m used to.  I quickly realized I needed a very fast shutter speed, especially for the egret in flight.  You can even see he is wearing his “golden slippers” as they call them.  I got about four shots of him before he flew off into the tree.  I thought it so funny that he sat in that small tree.

The number of birds I’ve already identified is quite extensive!  For bird lovers, the list is (and I know there are many small birds that I haven’t identified yet):  Great blue heron, great white egret, green heron (juvenile in November), robin, bluebird, black phoebe, scrub bluejay, finch, anna’s hummingbird, sparrow, plover, red shouldered hawk, white tailed kite, kingfisher, crow, mallard duck, merganser duck, comorant, buzzard, northern flicker, northern harrier (juvenile in Nov), Turkey, Canadian Goose.

The last image I tried a blur technique.  You may have seen this expertly done on the Mythical Horse blog, but I thought I’d give it a whirl.  I hadn’t read up on how to do it yet, so I just sort of tried to create it myself with the photoshop knowledge I already have.  I would love to explore this further because I think the results can be quite beautiful.


Shocking Surrealistic Snow Storm Shots (13 iPad Images)

Please pray for all those in New York who are suffering as our fellow blogger Amy is.  Falling snow is not the only worry.  There is roof collapse from the weight of the snow and then when it melts, there is flooding.  Not to mention medications can’t be obtained for those who need them.

Regular snowplows can’t even plow the roads.  Big cat equipment is being moved in to move the snow…but where do you put it?  It has to be carted off to a designated place to dump it.  Plows usually just plow the snow to the side but that can’t be done here.  There is literally nowhere to put the snow!

We hope everyone is safe Amy.

Shocking Surrealistic Snow Storm Shots (13 iPad Images).


Willow Glow

I’m out and about once again!  My knee isn’t 100% perfect, but I walked around our little lake the other day for the first time ever.  I stopped to take some pics of birds which I will be posting soon, but I couldn’t resist the beautiful willow that gracefully hangs into the lake.  I love these willows!  It felt good to be out with my camera on my own again!

Willow Glow


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