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Olive Bokeh

The other night I was sitting out on the back deck enjoying the view during a beautiful early evening.   As I looked off in the distance, I noticed reflections from the sun bouncing off a row of car windows.  Fortunately I had my 28-300mm lens on my camera, so I decided to focus on the olive branch on our deck making sure I kept the car windows in my frame.

I love bokeh!

Olive Bokeh

Olive Bokeh


Hangar Light – Monochrome Madness

Out from the archives is an image I took at the Oakland Aviation Museum some time ago.  The original was in color, but for today’s MMC, I decided to put an artistic B&Wish twist on it.  Hopefully I’ll be back behind the camera lens soon!

Please check out Leanne Cole’s blog later for the entire gallery.

Oakland Aviation Museum

Oakland Aviation Museum




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