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Butterfly Madness

THIS IS A SCHEDULED POST – the next posts starting with this one have been scheduled.  I had to leave a trace behind for about a week lol!

These were all taken with my 28-300mm lens at a butterfly greenhouse.  It was challenging light and the butterflies were flying all over the place.  Some of these are not as crisp as I’d like but for my first try at this kind of thing, I think they turned out ok.

Do you have a favorite??



Knee Replacement #2

It’s time that I make an announcement that my second knee replacement (left leg) is scheduled for August 12.  This means that starting today, I will be less here than I have been before and not posting anything new at all after August 12 for awhile during my recovery.

The whole reason I started blogging over 1-1/2 years ago was solely to track the progress of my knee replacement.  I had very little experience with photography; but as I recovered, I delved more into it, got a new camera, and last year around this time I had started morphing my knee replacement blog into a photography blog.

For the last year I’ve been diligently working on improving my photography and photoshop skills, taking classes, getting help from friends, googling (lol), making wonderful friends, and loving my hobby!

Even though I won’t be posting photos after August 12 for awhile, my intent is to stay connected by checking the work of all of you!  You are the ones that will keep me in photography by viewing your photos and reading your blogs.  What I truly hope for is that you won’t feel that I’m intentionally ignoring your blogs because I will most likely be sporadic in my following and certainly my posting.  I have a few posts scheduled out for the next few days while I get some things done around here to ready myself for the surgery.

I’ll be back, I just don’t know when.  Thank you again EVERYONE for supporting what I do and being so generous with your help and comments!  I’ll be back as soon as I can!!

With much love,



Channeling Color

This image was created from a shot I took up on Mt. Diablo of the sun setting over the valley.  I love this time of evening…it’s so quiet and the burst of color before nightfall is like one last yawn before bedtime.

Sunset over the Valley

Channeling Color


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