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Butterfly Madness


THIS IS A SCHEDULED POST – the next posts starting with this one have been scheduled.  I had to leave a trace behind for about a week lol!

These were all taken with my 28-300mm lens at a butterfly greenhouse.  It was challenging light and the butterflies were flying all over the place.  Some of these are not as crisp as I’d like but for my first try at this kind of thing, I think they turned out ok.

Do you have a favorite??


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

69 thoughts on “Butterfly Madness

  1. Nothing wrong with them. They are excellent, tack sharp and beautiful colors.

  2. They’re all excellent! 300mm range comes in handy with the shy little creatures

    • Yes! Someone one told me that you can’t get super crisp at the largest focal length and I do know that to be true; however, when they are flying everywhere and in between trees….. 🙂

  3. All are so beautiful! Especially the 5th one.

  4. Ahhh, for the love of butterflies! All are fabulous images and I had a really tough time deciding which to choose as my favorite. I went with the 4th – for the tones and composition. It’s funny, I just posted butterflies yesterday on my sight and on Monochromia. I’ve been seeing a lot of butterfly images – must be summer!

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  6. Laura, you certainly did not make that poll easy, I have three picks there just cannot be one photo!

  7. Lovely work, Laura! I absolutely love the colors on the butterfly in #3.

  8. I am partial to the one on the dirty window, #2. It has a story to tell! Gorgeous photographs, thank you for sharing these!!

  9. I agree with Carrie, the window shot is my favorite as well. Great framing on these, but perhaps a touch of post processing crop may be called for since these guys probably don’t stay put for long.

  10. They are all amazing and absolutely beautiful. 🙂

  11. This is beautiful Laura!!

  12. Lovely images – I always think that macro nature show a person with patience but you are certainly versatile

  13. Oh, wonderful 🙂 We have a Butterfly Event at RHS Wisley Gardens every year at the end of January when the weather’s miserable! I’m normally in there several days of the week throughout the event, I’d just live in the Glasshouse for those months if I could 😉 You’ve got a couple of photos there of one of my favourites, the Malay Lacewing! It really has the most fabulous details 🙂

  14. They are all lovely Laura! But my fav is the window pic 🙂

  15. I like the artiness of Number 2. It’s what I’d call a great ‘quote’ photo. 🙂

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    They are all beautiful!

  17. all delightful!! I love the window display best!!

  18. THIS IS A SCHEDULED COMMENT – I can schedule a comment because I know The quality of your work will never disappoint and, even if I might not like the subject matter, the workmanship is excellent. 😉

  19. Exquisite beauty. Wonderful captures, loved each butterfly portrait thoroughly. I was especially fascinated by #2, very intriguing. Fabulous images. The colours and beauty of butterflies are infinitely divine. Jubilant cheers,

    Autumn Jade

  20. Favourite? Are you kidding?! Pushed to it I would have to say #4 but I love your processing – each looks butterfly/moth looks luminous..

  21. Oh, I saw these fine images. Colorful butterflies. I thought you had the Pupa photos. Thanks for the link.

  22. if no.4 is the stunning brown beauty on a wooden plank, then no.4 it is! (i wasn’t sure how to detect which pic goes with what no. since there is no indication on the counting, be it top-down left-right or clockwise)

    • There are numbers on the pics but you have to click in the gallery and on the pic to see the labeling. Thank you for viewing them and taking the time to write. I found out that’s is a kind of moth and what a beauty it is!

  23. never mind. i just saw the number label as my cursor landed on the pics.

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    Beautiful Butterfly

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