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Mare Island Shipyard – Heavy Lifter


Another image from Mare Island Naval Shipyard.  I’ve never been this close to a shipyard crane before.  As you can see it’s humongous.  There weren’t any people down there so I couldn’t show the scale with a person but hopefully you get the idea with the buildings next to it.

If you wish to read more about Mare Island Naval Shipyard, you can read about it on the wiki here.  If you’re in the Bay Area and wish to join us for a photography outing, please click here.

Mare Island Shipyard - Heavy Lifter

Mare Island Shipyard – Heavy Lifter


Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

41 thoughts on “Mare Island Shipyard – Heavy Lifter

  1. I like the color tone and vignetting. For me it gives the crane and the whole scene a heavier and more serious feeling.

  2. I work in a shipyard…this crane is bigger than ours

  3. oh the monster machines!! Love your treatment!

  4. Trespassing again, Laura? But it was worth it. A beautiful monster! The color tones seem to be exactly right for that area. To me it says seaside and 1950’s ish! 🙂

    • hahaha…not this time Emilio. I was being a good citizen for a change. 😉 Isn’t it amazing??? Thanks about the processing. i did try to make it look like a picture taken awhile ago. Have a great day!

  5. I love cranes! This is great photo.

  6. Go to the old Bethlehem Shipyard in SF… My dad works there and would somehow climb up and paint those cranes…

  7. I looking at this photograph I can almost imagine it is part of some science fiction move and the crane is just about to ‘walk’ away and destroy everything in its path.

  8. Mammoth structure, lovely patina.

  9. Love the color tone, you chose, Laura, and great perspective!

  10. Love this shot, Laura. Terrific composition and colors.

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