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Teenaged Egret


What??? No landscape image?   The other night I took my camera club out to the Martinez Regional Shoreline and while I did take a lot of landscape photos, I thought I’d post the only one that wasn’t a landscape.  Shockerrrrr!

This little guy was perfectly content to go about learning the ways of an Egret while I snapped his picture.  Hope you like what I did with it!

Teenaged Egret @ Martinez Regional Shoreline

Teenaged Egret @ Martinez Regional Shoreline


Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

36 thoughts on “Teenaged Egret

  1. Wow, this is so alive. Stunning.

  2. Welcome to the dark side

  3. That it wonderful, Laura. I love the artistry of it.

  4. Very nice. I like how you did the monochrome. It helps highlight the eye and “facial” details when you look at the enlargement.

  5. Ms Laura…. You have been posting such incredibly beautiful and wonderfully gorgeous images. Green with envy. I have just been unable to pick up my camera to make an image since my best bud Aussie Sherpard died. A big part of my heart and went in the grave with him. Along with any desire to pick up a camera….but I have loved looking at your images. They make my day…….en theos…Jim

    • Thank you so much Jim. I’m so glad that you enjoy them and hope they bring a little bit of joy to you. I know how that feels, losing a part of the family like that. I haven’t had any pets since my beloved Hobbes passed about 3 years ago. I miss him terribly. BIG HUGS

  6. Breathtakingly beautiful Laura!!!!

  7. Wow!!! He looks 3D!! I don’t know if that was your intention but that’s what this guy looks like!! Amazing! And your sense of humor rocks, FYI …. ❤

  8. Laura, This is a magnificent image. Great job. There were a bunch of egrets fishing at low tide at Crissy the other day, but alas, too far, no long lens. Eye photo. 🙂

  9. Wow – this is quite beautiful

  10. A beautiful portrait that works very well in monochrome. If I may be so bold, however, I find it a bit overdone on the vignetting. The image would stand very well on its own without the exaggerated emphasis.

  11. Yes! Killing contrast. How much money did you pay this little guy to walk nice and easy for your shot! Very cool, Laura. Because this little guy is part of your landscape it is still a landscape image… for me. 🙂

  12. That is so gorgeous!!

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