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One Photo Focus – October 2016


It’s One Photo Focus time!  I rather enjoy this challenge of taking someone’s photo and editing it into our own creation.  This month it’s something a bit different!  We were provided a cell phone image from Y. Prior from Priohouse to edit either on our phones or on our computers.  I chose to edit it on my iPhone 6+.  Most of you who know me, know that sometimes I enjoy taking pictures on my phone and editing them on a myriad of apps I have.  I will say this was the hardest image I’ve ever worked on.  I think it didn’t turn out the way I’d hoped but I had fun anyway.

With most of my cell phone photos, I use multiple apps to to achieve the final look.  Sometimes I move in and out of them so fast I forget what I’ve done to tell you the truth.  I tried remembering what I did and I think I remembered the main edits.

And as always, a huge thank you Stacy for coordinating this challenge and putting a different twist on it this month!  Please check out the entire the entire challenge with everyone’s edits on Stacy’s blog by clicking here.

The Process:

1.  Imported the image to my phone and used the SKWRT app which I just discovered and I love!  This app can correct verticals on the phone just as if I’m in photoshop.  Well, almost.  😉   So that’s what I did first with this app.

2.  I cloned out those vertical lines at the bottom…not exactly sure what that was but I kept thinking luggage handles!

3.  There is a sister app to SKWRT called MRRW which is sort of embedded in the SKWRT app and I used that to mirror the image in order to eliminate the red chair to the right and to make everything symmetrical.  You’ll notice that the original image showed a beige chair along with the black chair on the right side of the couch as we look at it.  On my image, after using MRRW, you’ll see that the beige chair is gone because it took the left half of the image and duplicated it on the right.

4.  I then imported the image into iColorama to apply some color effects, add sharpening and a vignette so make the middle brighter than the edges.  I also applied less contrast to the outside of the image than the center so that the center popped a bit.

Hope you enjoy it!

Laura Macky Edit

Laura Macky Edit


Original by Y. Prior

Original by Y. Prior

Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

63 thoughts on “One Photo Focus – October 2016

  1. A lovely entry from Y. Absolutely love what you did with the image, Laura. Your final image looks like it is popping out – sort of like the chairs popping out and inviting me for a nice sit. And maybe for some nice food too 😀

    I had no idea removing objects and duplication can be so seamless with apps on a phone. Impressive and stunning work as usual 🙂 ❤

  2. Laura, your edit was my favourite of my favourites. You brought warmth and space to this image. I use ProCam 3 and Polarr to edit most of my iPhone 6 images but I will be trying out the ones you mentioned in this post.

    • Thank you so much Khurt. I’m just about to go look at everyone’s. I’m looking forward to seeing what the did. I haven’t heard of ProCam3 and Polarr so they will be fun for me to check out. While you’re at it, check out Leonardo. You can do layers and masks in there!

  3. Nice! Not only did you do the “normal” editing things, you also rearranged the furniture. 🙂

  4. Amazing work! Love the transformation result. Hard to believe you can remove the chair with the app. 🙂

  5. Love your edits, Laura!

  6. Wow. The original photo was already nice and formal. However, your editing skills make the photo look like something out of “The Matrix. Pure movie magic.

  7. When I first saw your image, my jaw just dropped. I mean, I kept saying “how did you remove that couch and table while leaving the rug totally undistorted, not to mention changing the perspective to such a pleasing one! You’re the queen of iPhoto apps 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing your workflow. I will definitely have a look at the programs you used!

  8. I have been looking at the photos coming from this exercise, they are so fabulous.

  9. Quite the transformation. Lovely warmth you brought out.

  10. Beautiful job of straightening the photo. Your edited version is nice and bright too. Wonderful. 😀

  11. Like what you did to rearrange things in the image and give a sense of space – and all on the phone… impressive!

  12. Really brilliant Laura!

  13. Great job, Laura. Obviously, I chickened out this month. I couldn’t come up with anything I liked. You didn’t seem to have a problem, though. Love your symmetrical edit and the color cast.

  14. Holy moly!! You actually removed a chair! And how you edited this photo is outstanding! The color that you brought into this image knocked my socks off and just love how you got the eye to look in the center with the coloring editing you did!!!! ❤

  15. Your’s looks alive!

  16. Excellent work, Laura. The ghosts of the past are back! So beautiful… your crop and color tones.

  17. Hi Laura – I had to chime in on Stacy’s comment because this is exactly how I felt – jaw dropping edits!
    I love how you removed the back door completely – added pillars and made it so clean there!
    Oh and regarding what you said in #2 – those handles are part of the stairs! Those stairs are supposedly the inspiration. For the stairs in gone with the wind – and one entry for this challenge with this photo added in characters from gone with the wind- it was very cool.
    Not trying to plug a visit for my blog – but I included a slide show with the stairs that go with those handles – or rail.

    Anyhow – I like how you cleaned up all of gay and centered things.
    Pretty amazing how you took such a fancy place and made it even fancier – but better!
    Enjoyed your post and process share!

    • Why thank you so much for your feelings on what I did! That SKWRT app with the other app inside it that flips things is so cool. Of course then you have to clone, etc. I used the Leonardo app to clone out those things. Did I say that? Maybe I forgot. 😦 I did look at your entire post on your blog. I hope I commented!!! I’d better run back to make sure I did. Sometimes I don’t make long comments but I do remember that amazing place! A architecture photographer’s dream! I love places like that. Thanks again so much for your comments! Hm…. ‘y’….don’t know your name I don’t think!

      • Well thanks for your super sweet comment L!
        and name is Yvette – and we actually connected earlier this year (I was teasing you about basketball a little – but it was when I thought the W would get the W – anyhow) – the Jefferson Hotel is dream like – and would you believe they have alligator figures in the courtyard – yes, people in this area had alligators for pets back in the day – the rich folk s- and I guess when one of them grew to large, he somehow became the mascot there – well I am rusty on the details and actually should do another post on the place. They also have some more stuff upstairs I was going to include in my slideshow with ABF – but I am trying not too add to many photos per post – I know we can add as many as want, lol, but a new MO for me is to just keep it to a handful – and so I stuck with the stairs and a few of my trashed edits.
        anyhow, I need to go back and look at yours again – it has a glow to it….

        • Hi Yvette! I’m so sorry I didn’t remember. I think I’m following too many people. 😦 Plus Facebook, oh and Flickr. lol I do remember you now about the basketball! It’s starting very soon!! Our SF Giants just lost the playoffs in baseball so onto the next sport. 🙂 Wow this interesting about the alligators. I actually know someone who knows someone that had an alligator for a pet….until it got too big. What are people thinking?? NUTS. Yes, another post would be great about that place. I agree that sometimes too many photos are just too many. I try to keep it short although once in awhile I have a gallery. Thanks for the chat and my apologies if I’m a spotty follower. I get through my reader the best I can but it really is long and I think it would take me over an hour or more to get through all of it. 😦 I’ll try to look for you. I think I was getting you mixed up with katieprior..

          • Well the mix up is mostly my fault – cos I changed blogs – but also keep in mind that even on my old blog I was just getting to know ya! And glad to as well because your personality brings a lot to your photography blog-
            Oh and I know KP – ❤️️- and funny how we have the same spelling to our names!
            Anyhow –
            Just keep doing what you do with your blog because there are extra challenges when you have high comments and the kind of interaction that a thriving blog has.
            And I guess we have to manage in ways that do not consume our lives – well it can at times ((because this is what art does in a good way- right?)) but for the most part we have to use wisdom and adapt to what our needs are – what kind of blog season it is – and how we use the reader and all that.
            Anyhow – we also know the reader has challenges too-
            Can you tell I ponder this as I truck along?
            And all that to say – followership can be spotty and still be good-
            I personally have found I like less frequent visits to some blogs because it takes the blog hopping and bouncing out of it – for some calm.
            But then some weeks – I might hope away – but I think the thing that helps me the most is to keep myself fresh – cos when I do I still have something fresh to give – ya know? And my goal is to stay fresh – which for me means lots of spotty followeship with blogs I love!

          • I love what you said here. It reminds me of what I think about it….that it ebbs and flows. I try my best, but sometimes you’re right…calm is needed and I have to take care of myself and not become too inundated. I think if the reader operated differently it’d be easier to follow people. Or if they used an algorithm like Facebook does to show you the ones you interact with first. What was your old blog name? Now I’m trying to piece it together. 🙂

          • It was the “inthezone2001” dot wordpress

            And I am not of fb but that system sounds really really good!
            Have a good week and peace

          • That system isn’t bad actually. Thanks for the info. I don’t remember the name but I have a lousy memory lol.

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